Blog Posts and Laundry

Blog Posts and Laundry

The problem with a blog is that you’re always on the hook to write the next post. On a reasonably frequent schedule. With reasonably interesting content. Over time, it has become a chore akin to doing laundry, which I do as infrequently as possible. I even bought more boxers and socks to maximize my time between loads!

Kids before blog postsI have an excuse, of course. My second son, Kade, was born in August. It’s not a coincidence that my last blog post was in August. I learned what every parent learns after the birth of their second child – the second is WAY harder!

There are lots of reasons, but the biggest is the total loss of “me time.” Where my wife and I used to hand Tag to the other for “me time,” we now merely trade Tag for Kade and vice versa. Sure, one of us can watch both boys, but it’s like running apps in the background. Drains the battery too quickly!

My “me time” is now defined as the time between getting the boys to sleep and falling asleep myself.  The priorities for these super valuable minutes:

  1. Quality time with Tia. I hesitate to use the word “quality” when we’re both exhausted, but it’s better than trying to hold a conversation when the boys are awake.
  2. Chores. Doing the dishes and emptying the diaper genie are at the top of the list. Email, cleaning, and banking. Replacing batteries on any of dozens of battery-powered toys. Frustratingly, I spend a lot of time trying to find shit like matching socks, my wedding ring, scissors, and so on.
  3. Colorado TU. Healthy rivers are a passion of mine and President is a role I take seriously. I’m making the time. Barely.
  4. Detox. Clash of Clans and a glass of scotch. I might ordinarily prefer a workout to relieve stress, but these days I have neither the time nor the energy.

There are probably a dozen other things that just come up, and then there’s this blog. I need to remind myself that it’s a tool, maybe THE tool, that helps me think through various aspects of my career. It’s January, so add this to my list of New Year’s Resolutions. I hereby resolve to blog a minimum of … once per month! I know, I should blog more often, but I also need to be realistic.

2 thoughts on “Blog Posts and Laundry

  1. Thanks Rick – great read. Welcome to the 2 kid club. Lots of great people in the club; problem is there’s never any time to see them!
    I’m looking forward to the February post. A.

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