I’m testing the Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer plug-in by Meitar. Here is the code and then the resulting table below it. Pretty simple really, but powerful in its simplicity. It pulls the Google Sheet by URL and allows you to control a variety of display options via the gdoc key. The query option tells the plug-in to use only the first five columns of the spreadsheet. The paging option disables the default setting of displaying 10 rows per page. The order option sorts the table on column 4 (where the first column is column 0) in descending order.

The code snippet: ** gdoc key=”″ query=”select A, B, C, D, E” datatables_paging=”false” datatables_order=’%5B%5B 4, “desc” %5D%5D’ **

And the resulting table:

Event A
Event B
Event C
Player 135234098
Player 210403080
Player 350301090
Player 4604020120
Player 5602057137
Player 6406763170
Player 7405035125
Player 8206550135
Player 910104969
Player 10595020129
Player 1123191052
Player 12373060127

By default, the exporting, sorting, pagination, and searching features are enabled via the DataTables API. Cool, eh? I had some trouble with conflicts with other plug-ins, but Meitar was very responsive in the support forum and helped me troubleshoot. Helpful enough for me to make a donation. Now I just need to spend a little extra time familiarizing myself with the other formatting options.