The VMware Sales Professional

The VMware Sales Professional

One of the biggest buzz words in IT today is “cloud computing.” So when a friend offered to enroll me through his firm into VMware Partner University, I didn’t hesitate!

I started at the logical beginning with the VMware Sales Professional (VSP) Program. It is a sales training program offering basic knowledge for selling VMware products. I’m not making a career shift to sales, but knowing how to sell a product means you have to understand the product’s features and benefits. The current program, known as VSP 5, covers the following modules:

  1. Virtualization Overview
  2. Sales Opportunity
  3. Solutions Overview
  4. Products Overview
  5. Pricing and Licensing Overview
  6. Delivering the VMware Message
  7. Partnering with VMware
  8. Partnering – Enablement
  9. Partnering – Demand Generation
  10. Partnering – Selling and Reward Programs

The first five modules took me about four hours. There’s an obvious slant toward VMware and its products, but they have such commanding market share that learning about its products is very much like learning about virtualization and cloud computing in general. The training stops short of the elegance that I experienced with Codecademy and my JavaScript training, but there is a nice mix of slides, audio narration and practice quizzes.

I found the second half much less interesting than the first half, but that’s because I have no plans to become a reseller partner. Modules 6-10 were just as well executed as modules 1-5, the content just wasn’t as relevant to my personal goals.

VSP 5 is not a technical program by any stretch, but it provides a solid foundation for the other more technical programs. For example, the VMware Technical Sales Professional Program would be the logical next step. The VTSP program focuses on vSphere and is designed for pre-sales people that want to engage in the sales cycle.

For now, I’m proud to have the certificate and display the logo!

VMware Sales Professional 5
My VSP 5 Certificate

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